Application and Forms

The first step for applicants would be to send an E-mail message stating her/his intention to apply for the Award to be sent to:
All applications should be submitted in English and include:

  • A duly completed application form signed by the candidate and validated by the nominator as to the accuracy of the details and information.

  • A description of the project submitted for the award by the artist (no longer than 800 words).

  • A nomination letter by a professional in the fields of art and/or photography (no longer than 500 words).

  • A brief CV detailing previous achievements of the artist, exhibitions, collections, awards and similar relevant inflrmation.

  • The above shall be accompanied by a portfolio of images with no less than 12 and no more than 20 photographs. The size of the images should not exceed 2000x2000 pixels.
  • The applicant will confirm in writing that her/his proposal is an original idea exclusively submitted to the Katz International Photography Award (KIPA) and has not been presented previously or concurrently to any other prize, grant, award or exhibition venue, or any similar purpose. See Regulations.

  • ​Prior to the submission of the work applicants should have paid the one time submission fee in the amount of US $ 50.-

The final application should include no fewer than twelve (12) images and no more than twenty (20) photographs.

In somes cases the jury reserves the right to request additional material.

For all needs the mail address will be:   a
Application forms can be downloaded here:



​​Applications and all the requested documents should be sent via E-mail to the Katz International Photography Award and reach their destination no later than November 15, 2018 at midnight (Israel Time).